For the dancers in Becky Namgauds’ Rodadoras, the earth is as much a costume as their vests. Namgauds’ creation is like an earthier version of Pina Bausch’s Rite of Spring that goes a step further than using a stage covered in soil. Performing in the drizzle, on a muddy strip of field, the trio of women are first seen in a heap, faces hidden by their long hair, slowly morphing into what looks like a giant creepy-crawly that shivers and itches to the sound of percussion. The women rub soil into their limbs and locks, separating for a series of solos, but always seeming interconnected. If this beast has grown out of the soil it clearly wants to return – bodies thud to the ground repeatedly, as if desperate to be subsumed.

The Guardian

Rodadoras is a brilliant and clever dance piece for outdoor setting. The physicality of the dancers and the choreography are simply stunning. Gripping from beginning until end!

Lucie Mirkova, Artistic Director, Birmingham International Dance Festival

Namgauds has created a suite of haunting images on a delicate subject that unsettles and challenges the traditional outdoor arts festival content.

Ian Abbott

In many years of photographing Greenwich+Docklands Festival this performance really stands out. Original soundtrack and remarkable choreography coupled with amazing performances.

Stu Mayhew

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Inside Out Festival, Dorset, UK 24,25,26 Sept 2021

Chatsworth Arts Festival, Peak District, UK 20 & 21 Sept 2019

The Big Feast, Stoke-On-Trent, UK 23 & 24 Aug 2019

El Danseu Festival, Les Piles, Catalonia 9 & 10 Aug 2019

Spoffin, Amersfoort, Netherlands Aug 2018

Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, UK June 2018

International Dance Festival Birmingham, UK June 2018

Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, May 2018

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Choreography by Becky Namgauds


Musical composition by Domenico Angarano


Performed by (double cast)

Sabrina Gargano

Bethany Edwards

Nandi Bhebhe

Hazel Firth

Silvia Carradori

Bonni Bogya


Production Manager - Steph Berge

Rodadoras was first created by Becky Namgauds in July 2016 for East Wall Warm Up, produced by East London Dance and Hofesh Shechter Company as part of LIFT as a scratch performance at Roof East, Stratford.