Like honey

Like Honey has been selected for the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019

Programmed at Dancebase  from the 22nd-25th August

Directed & Choreographed by Becky Namgauds

Performance & Movement by Amanda Pefkou

Live Vocals & Composition by Yael Claire Shahmoon

Hair & Make Up by Eva Mevinsky

Costume with thanks to ELLISS

Special Effects by 3D Studio Design

Photography by Marso Riviere


After two strong performances Becky Namgauds' Like Honey reached a new level with a powerful, confronting and rageful piece of genius exploration being a woman. Two exceptional women perform an incredible symbiosis of voice and movement. A woman sits on chair with a microphone and a sound machine, next to the other who lies face down half dressed on a white square. Her voice starts to click, making the other's hand move, the voice and sound change, her upper body moves, the sound escalates as it continues to instruct the movements of the other until she stands, mannequin like, her body mechanical, just a device that she can't seem to control. She stops, dark red blood runs down her leg, with clenched fists she unleashes her inner strength in a dynamic emboldened finale of stomping and lashing to an intense vocal roar that brought the house down. Namgauds is a talent that needs to be seen and heard.

The Wonderful World of Dance

The closing week featured the performance of Like Honey, a solo work by upcoming choreographer Becky Namgauds. From the floor upwards, sound and movement grow in response to one another, the expansive vocals of Yael Claire drawing minute isolations of movement dancer Amanda Pefkou’s body.

As Pefkou finds her feet, a challenge to the audience flashing in her eyes, a stream of menstrual blood is figuratively shed and her restrained movement breaks into a fierce, earthy style. Like Honey is a bold work from Namgauds that blossoms into a defiant image of femininity.

The Stage